Fyre Festival Fiasco

Hulu and Netflix just released their documentaries on the Fyre Festival. As an event producer, it was hard to watch. I’ve been in some stressful event situations, but nothing like that. The nervous laughter from some of those being interviewed was telling. They’re obviously still haunted by the experience.

When you produce an event on such a large scale, you have a huge responsibility to your guests. You are literally building a city and need to make sure all the amenities are in place and the site is safe and clean. The real crime – the real tragedy – is when Billy McFarland put those attendees at risk and brought them to the island. I was surprised Billy McFarland was only charged with wire fraud. He should have been charged for endangerment and sentenced to even more jail time.

Events are about entertainment and fun, but what happened at Fyre Festival reminds us events are a serious business. The documentaries were like taking a refresher course for me; very sobering. A master class on what not to do.