Learning by Doing

We learn by doing. You can sit in a classroom or read about something in a book, but nothing beats getting your hands dirty.

I recently co-founded a new music festival called Bellwether (www.bellwetherfestival.com). I’m excited about it because it allows attendees to camp onsite. This is new for me and my team, but I’ve already started planning for ways I can learn by doing.

A couple years ago, I volunteered at an event that had camping. This was before I even knew I would co-found Bellwether, but I’m glad I decided to do it. I learned a lot over those two days. The key learning was community.

This wasn’t just an event, but a get together. The people that traveled from all over came year after year not because of the lineup, but because of the people they got to know over the years.

Bellwether needs to execute at a high level to make the camping experience a great one. The reason this is important is not customer satisfaction. Yes, I said it. Customer satisfaction is a consequence, not the objective. The objective is to make sure nothing gets in the way of community building. It’s the community – the experience of connecting with people – that will bring people back year after year.