Leveraging Events for Content & Community Building

Events are content goldmines; unfortunately, event planners and sponsors don’t realize what they’ve got.

Brands and agencies spend a lot of money on sponsorships. Sometimes it's for charity. Sometimes it's for engaging existing and potential customers. In either case, there is a huge opportunity just waiting to be unearthed.

40% of engagement happens BEFORE an event. Another 18% happens AFTER an event. Event planners and sponsors need to look around and find all the interesting things to share during this time.

Another statistic worth mentioning is DURING the event, 25% of those following on social media aren’t even here! They couldn’t attend for one reason or another. Acknowledge them. Let them live vicariously through your posts.

What kind of content am I talking about? Let me tell a quick story…

One year, at Bunbury, I invited the investors to a backstage tour. Practically all of them took me up on the offer. The tour was simple. I showed them backstage, the production, the crew getting the stage ready, the view from the stage, then we grabbed a bite in catering.

I was a bit worried the investors would be bored. I see this stuff all the time and think nothing of it. On the contrary, they loved it! That was an a-ha moment for me. What I took for granted, they found fascinating. If you think about it, it makes sense. People like to have access, to feel connected. They want unique experiences.

So, get an intern or two. Make sure they have a decent smart phone and cut them loose. Once or twice a week, have them interview staff or a third-party vendor. Just one or two questions answered in under a minute. Post that video online and watch engagement build.

If you have third-party vendors, do video profiles. If you provide the right framework, they’ll probably do it themselves. If you have artists/bands at your event, you can do the same thing. Bands that are hungry and up-and-coming will jump at the chance to self-promote.

During the event, send those interns around to sample the different foods. Have them people-watch and share everything from the fashionistas to the outrageous.

Sharing all this content creates a community around your event. The power of your community will shape and amplify your brand. They’ll also stick with you in lean years and help sustain your event.