Most Popular

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I had a little time to review my former blog posts. I couldn’t help but look to see what my most popular post was. It was the Event Planner’s Survival Bin which was more of a list than a blog.

I thought it was odd and looked to see if time of year, date posted, and/or time posted had somehow impacted the popularity of a given post. I could find no correlation.

The next most popular post was When It’s Over. A blog about planning for the end of an event well in advance. Coming in third was the second blog I posted telling the story behind the name DiaZam.

This exercise reminded me it’s difficult to know what’s going to resonate with your audience. This is true for events I’ve produced, songs I’ve written, and even jokes I’ve told. You really can’t control how popular your next effort will be. What you can control is consistency of effort, level of execution, and learning from past successes and failures.

Focusing on what I can control has made me a lot happier. This is something that gives me the motivation to try again even if my last effort wasn’t the most popular.