Painting the Picture

Starting anything new is hard. One reason is you must paint the picture, but not everyone can see. What do I mean by this? Just try sitting in a meeting with potential investors regarding an esports event. Many potential investors that can throw money at an idea don’t have time to play – or have never played – video games. I can show stats about market size, growth, and opportunity, but I still hear the same objection over and over:

“I don’t get it. Who would want to watch someone play video games?”

I used to debate this for hours. Sometimes, I would do more research and present new evidence. I don’t do that anymore. Why? I wasn’t hearing the objection. What the person was really saying was, “I don’t want to watch someone play video games.”

At this point, you have two options:

One, if you think the investor is open minded – maybe they invest in a broad range of companies - take them to a similar event. Let them experience it. Even if they still don’t want to watch someone play video games, seeing the excitement of others is the next best thing. We learn from experience.

Two, move on. I’ve talked about this in my blog Building Consensus (Mon, 2017-08-07). Time is too valuable to paint a picture for someone that is color blind.