When It’s Over

The time to plan for the end of your event is at the beginning. Event planners can envision what their event looks like when the curtain goes up, but what about when the last piece of garbage is picked up?

I’m painfully aware while typing this blog that I’m a hypocrite. I just wrapped up my latest event Brandemonium and I’m just getting started on the end. I should have had the online survey, thank you letters, and site updates completed last week. I should have put this event to bed so I could actually sleep. Going through ‘to do’ lists has the opposite effect of counting sheep.

I’ve started to plan my next event for late summer of 2018. I’m going to start from the end this time so I can leave the event site without a care in the world. It only takes a few minutes here and there over the course of a year to make event load-out the end of the event.

When the event is over, it’s nice for it to be over. Not hanging around like the last guest at party that just won’t get the hint that it’s time leave.