One tricky aspect of event planning is handling capacity. Long lines and bottlenecks are indicators that capacity has not been properly addressed. Or has it?

The economics of producing an event – along with the space we must work with – are constantly working against us. Most event planners will tell you for every 1,000 guests, you’ll need 10 porta-potties. That might be true for many events, but when it comes to a country music festival, you’ll need more. Those country fans can really drink beer! You also need to take into consideration where they are located, visibility, and the ability to service mid-event.

Food and beverage creates another challenge. Too few food vendors, and lines are long. Too many food vendors, and vendors can’t make the return they need and may not come back. It really all comes down to balance; finding the sweet spot to make everyone happy and make financial sense.

For the next version of DiaZam, we’re researching capacity so we can help event planners do a better job with their layout. We are adding tools so the software will make suggestions based on the most important aspects of your event. Over time, the overall data we aggregate will make the software smarter, minimizing lines and bottlenecks for your attendees, while maximizing your potential success.