Tools for the Job

Back in 2006, I had the good fortune of meeting Jim Steeg. For those of you that don’t know Jim, let’s just say many people consider him one of the people that made the Super Bowl what it is today. He was with the NFL for 35 years and from 1979 to 2004, he oversaw the special events department.

I was relatively new to event planning when I met him. The first question I asked was what tools did he use to make his job easier. I was using spreadsheets to track everything and I thought there had to be a better way. Much to my surprise, Jim said he used spreadsheets too.


When I look at the tools available for event planners, I think the software industry is a little behind. I have already developed a few products in-house – including DiaZam - to close some of the gaps. Another firm located in the Greater Cincinnati area just launched a solution to help with event planning called Topit. It’s a nifty little web-based app that’s worth a look. I’m curious to hear what other event planners use to get things done. Do you work with an event solution from Cvent or Marcato? Do you use tools like Trello and Slack? Maybe it’s a combination of many things; the Swiss Army knife approach?

Please email us at and tell us what you use. Better yet, tell us what you wish was available. This includes features you’d like to see in DiaZam. The event industry needs software to catch up. We’d like to help.